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In This Moment Tickets FAQ

Do you have access to all In This Moment tickets?
We have an extensive inventory for most events, including In This Moment tickets.  Our inventory rivals other large ticketing sites and includes In This Moment Suites and %Performrer% VIP tickets when available.  You can find all the available events above!

How much do In This Moment tickets cost?
In This Moment ticket cost varies based on the event, seating option, timing, popularity, etc.  Immortal Seats does not set the In This Moment ticket cost. 

How will I receive my In This Moment tickets?
The venue or artist sets In This Moment ticket delivery method.  Each listing will note how you will receive your tickets.  Please note that all mobile deliveries require a smartphone to enter the venue. 

Do you have special In This Moment tickets and access?
Maybe! You can search for In This Moment suites and VIP tickets above or contact a team member today!

Are In This Moment tickets guaranteed?
We guarantee all orders. Read about our ticket guarantee on the About Us Page. 

How do I order In This Moment tickets?
Once you find the event above, select the link to find tickets and search using the map or filter options.  Immortal Seats also has a mobile app for Apple and Google that provides additional In This Moment ticket ordering features!

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  • Seats Together
    All seats are side by side unless otherwise noted.
  • Full Refund
    Full refund for events that are canceled and not rescheduled.

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